Deep Water Summary ncert English Class 12

Deep Water Summary NCERT English Class 12

Deep Water tells the story of the author's struggle to overcome his fear of water. This fear has been a part of his life since childhood. At the age of 4, the author began to fear water. He first experienced it while visiting California with his dad. A wave crashes him on a beach and sweeps him over. The father laughs, but it terrifies him. This experience scares him and he develops a fear of water. The author experiences another frightening experience at 11 years of age.

NCERT English Class 12

He is trying to learn how to swim at Yakima's swimming pool. One fine day, a bully pulls a dangerous prank. The author is scared when he pushes him into a deep part of the pool. He is nine feet deep in the water, and he struggles desperately to grab something.

He yells for help, but he feels paralyzed, and his heart is still moving. He gives up, and he prepares to drown. However, he wakes up by the pool's side. The terror he feels while drowning will never go away. He has suffered from it for many years, and it even spoils his future canoeing, swimming, and fishing expeditions.

Even though he visits Marine Lakes in Columbia, New Hampshire, and other places, he is unable to enjoy them all. He decides to conquer his fear by hook or by lance. He enrolls in a swimming class to learn from his instructor. He learns many tricks and tips from the instructor about swimming. He starts with the exhaling and inhaling parts, then he continues to practice it for several weeks.

He then moves on to kick the legs along the side of the pool. He combines this move with swimming. The author is not a skilled swimmer, but he is afraid of the water. To get rid of his fear, he decides that he will confront it. He mocks the fear by asking what it can do. He plunges into the water, and to his delight, his fear vanishes. It was a battle he faced many times, but he finally conquered it.

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