Lost Spring Summary Class 12 Flamingo NCERT Book Solutions

"The Lost Spring summary describes the horrible situation of children in poverty. They are children who could not experience childhood because of the current socio-economic conditions. This is something you can observe all over the globe. The children aren't given a chance to go to school. Furthermore, enormous pressure is placed on these children to be pregnant as early as possible. The unfortunate children are pushed to labour. They are certainly denied education and the chance to enjoy themselves. The writer Anees Jung is a vocal advocate for stopping child labour. Jung is doing this by bringing awareness about child education and strict law enforcement against child labour. The goal is to end the abuse of children. So, kids will be able to have fun in the spring and enjoy themselves.

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Class 12 Flamingo Chapter 2 NCERT Book Solutions
The first chapter reveals the writer's thoughts on the lives of rag pickers. The rag pickers are from Dhaka. In addition, the selectors' home is located in Seemapuri. The destruction has ravaged their homes and fields due to the hurricanes. They came to the city with hopes of settling there. But the reality was difficult for them as they were faced with a variety of challenges. They're certainly not wealthy and lack resources.

The writer observes Saheb each day in the morning as he searches in search of "gold" within the nearby area. The only way to survive for these rag-pickers is to dispose of their garbage. Additionally, for children, it's a wonderful thing. They can discover one or two coins from it. People have goals and aspirations. However, they aren't aware of what they need to do to realize them. There are a lot of things they aren't able to accomplish. Then Saheb works at a tea stall which offers the chance to earn up to 800 Rupees and all meals. But, the job has taken away the freedom he was once enjoying. Their situation is rather miserable and hopeless.

The second instalment focuses on Mukesh's life. Mukesh. Mukesh is a young boy who is part of the Bangle-makers' family. Firozabad is known for its incredible glass-blowing industry. It is believed that there are around 20,000 kids in this particular trade. Additionally, nobody over there knows or is aware of the law prohibiting child labour. Additionally, the living conditions and work environment are horrible.

Children are confined to drab cells. They also work close to hot furnaces. This can be extremely dangerous since it causes children to be blind in adulthood. In addition, these kids are faced with the burden of debt. They are also incapable of coming up with an answer to the issue. These kids can't get out of this trap.

The bureaucrats, police officers, middlemen, politicians, and police officers are all obstacles to their path of advancement. The women of the family believe that it is their destiny or fate. In the wake of this belief, they adhere to the traditional ways of life. Mukesh is a different man. Mukesh. Mukesh isn't like the other people in the area. This is because Mukesh has big goals. He is determined to become a mechanic in the future. The garage is far from his home, but he is determined to get there.

Lost Spring Summary Download Pdf Notes

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